Communist Party (Nepecerişti) (Romanian: Partidul Comuniştilor (Nepecerişti), PCN) is a Romanian communist political party, officially registered 31 July 2006.[1] The term Nepecerişti means people who have not been members of the Romanian Communist Party (PCR).[2]

The party president is Gheorghe I. Ungureanu and the secretary is Constantin M. Gălbeoru.[2]


The party was founded in March 1996. On 19 April 1996, the Bucharest District Court dismissed Ungureanu's application to register the party, holding that the party's announced intent to establish a "humane State" founded on communist doctrine, implied that the post-1989 Romanian constitutional and legal order was, in the later words of the European Court of Human Rights "inhumane and not based on genuine democracy".[1]

The court's decision was upheld 28 August 1996 by the Bucharest Court of Appeal, but was overturned by the European Court of Human Rights under Article 11 of the European Convention on Human Rights,[2] and the party was registered 31 July 2006.[1]


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