The Crusade of Romanianism (Romanian: Cruciada Românismului) was a Romanian fascist movement that was active during the 1930s.

Formed in 1935 as the White Eagles (Vulturii Albi) the Crusade was made up of the supporters of Mihai Stelescu who had left the Iron Guard in acrimonious circumstances the previous year. Drawing on the same support for the Romanian Orthodox Church and Anti-Semitism that informed the Iron Guard, the Crusade also supported a raft of social legislation that evoked Strasserism. Although supported by figures such as Nicolae Rădescu, the Crusade gained little popular support and soon became associated with the National Liberal Party-Brătianu-led Constitutional Front. The group did not survive long after the death of its leader in 1936.


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Historical political parties in Romania (1856-1947)

Liberal: National Liberal Party, Free and Independent Faction, National Liberal Party-Brătianu, National Liberal Party-Tătărescu
Conservative: Conservative Party, Conservative-Democratic Party, Constitutional Party
Agrarian: National Peasants' Party, Bessarabian Peasants' Party, National Agrarian Party, Peasants' Party, Ploughmen's Front, Socialist Peasants' Party
Fascist, corporatist, and far right: Iron Guard, Crusade of Romanianism, National-Christian Defense League, National Christian Party, National Fascist Movement, National Italo-Romanian Cultural and Economic Movement, National Renaissance Front, National Romanian Fascia, National Socialist Party, Romanian Front
Communist, socialist, and social democratic: Romanian Communist Party, Romanian Social Democratic Party, Romanian Social-Democratic Workers' Party, Romanian Social Democratic Party of Bukovina, Social Democratic Party of Transylvania and Banat, Socialist Party of Romania
Nationalist: Democratic Nationalist Party, National Party, People's Party, Romanian National Party
Ethnic minority: German Party, German People's Party, Hungarian People's Union, Jewish Party, Magyar Party
Other: Union of Patriots

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