Partidul Ecologist Român
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Founded January 1978
Headquarters Calea Călăraşilor 51
Political Ideology Green politics
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Colours Green
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2004 elections

The Romanian Ecologist Party (Romanian: Partidul Ecologist Român) was founded by Petre Metanie, a teacher, in 1978 as a political organisation opposed to Ceausescu's Romanian Communist Party's policy of indiscriminate economic growth, without due regard to the eco-systems protecting measures. The net result was that in the seventies a big number of children were born with malformations due to the high level of chemical pollution in the air, water and food. The fauna also suffered enormously due to the barrages that were built in the path of the natural migration of fish, wild boar, deer and other. Many insects and birds had also to suffer.

Mr Metanie entered the feared Securitate attention but because its members were suffering too because of the incredible level of pollution and his party was not sensed as a threat to Ceausescu's doctrine he was not imprisoned for his political activities.

The Romanian Ecologist Party activity prior to December 1989 was to openly criticise the complete disregard, the Romanian Communist Party had for the environment and to draw attention to its visible consequences. In 1978 Mr Metanie wrote to Radio Free Europe on the subject but although posted from Israel his letter was not read on the wireless.

In December 1989 he took the initiative of legalising the party. The initial response was huge with an overall support of around 25% and locally 75% in the polls. The newly elected leadership fell short of all expectations with the view that it departed from the democratic idealism and the ecologist materialism infused by its founder, Mr Petre Metanie. All the successive leaders were the same instituting a form of abuse of the Romanian election system: the party list nomination.

In June 2007, the party was in disarray but its founder was constantly encouraged by members and sympathisers to show leadership and to take over the leadership of the party he has created.

A meeting took place in Bucharest in October 2007 after the dismissal of the former president in July and the leadership was reorganised. At the moment the party has a temporary leadership commission, with Mr Metanie as honorary leader (a non-executive position) and a congress is due to take place in February 2008 that will set the agenda for the incoming elections.

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