The European Youth Forum (YFJ) is a platform that brings together tens of millions of young people from all over Europe and represents their common interests. Independently established by youth organisations, the YFJ is a platform made up of more than 90 National Youth Councils and International Non-Governmental Youth Organisations, which are federations of youth organisations in themselves.

As the biggest regional youth platform in the world, the European Youth Forum works to deepen European integration while also contributing to the development of youth work in other regions of the world.

Presidents: Ms Bettina Schwarzmayr (2007-today); Mr Renaldas Vaisbrodas (2005-2006); Mr Giaccomo Filibeck (2003-2004); Mr Henrik Söderman (2001-2002); Mr Pau Solanilla (1999-2000); Ms Pauliina Arola (1997-1998).

Secretary Generals: Mr Diogo Pinto (2005-today); Ms Johanna Tzanidaki (2002-2005); Mr Kim Svendsen (2001-2002); Tobias Flessenkemper (1999-2001); Ms Hrönn Pettursdorttir (1997-1998); Mr Stephen Grogan (1997).

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Increase the participation of young people and youth organisations in society, as well as in decision-making processes;
Positively influence policy issues affecting young people and youth organisations, by being a recognised partner for international institutions, namely the European Union, the Council of Europe and the United Nations;
Promote the concept of youth policy as an integrated and cross-sectoral element of overall policy development;
Facilitate the participation of young people through the development of sustainable and independent youth organisations at the national and international level;
Foster the exchange of ideas and experience, mutual understanding, and equal rights and opportunities among young people in Europe;
Uphold intercultural understanding, democracy, respect, active citizenship and solidarity;

Policy areasEdit

Employment & Social Inclusion
Human Rights & Equality
Youth Policy in Europe
Global and Regional Youth Cooperation
Sustainable Development


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