Partidul Verde
Leader Gheorghe Ionicescu
Senate Leader Not represented
Chamber Leader Not represented
Headquarters Str. Radna 47
Political Ideology Green politics
International Affiliation Global Greens
European Affiliation European Green Party
European Parliament Group Not represented
Colours Green
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2004 elections

The Green Party (Romanian: Partidul Verde), often shortened to The Greens (Verzii) is a Romanian political party centred on green politics. It is a member of the European Green Party.


Despite its support for environmental causes, such as reforestation and reductions in carbon emissions, the Green Party also advocates some free-market policies, such as the privatisation of state-owned enterprises. It supports an extension in individual rights as well as greater separation of church and state, including a gradual removal of all state funding for religious institutions. Like the vast majority of Romanian political parties, it is supportive of European integration.

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