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Coat of arms of Lugoj
Coat of arms

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<tr class="mergedbottomrow"> <th colspan="2" style="text-align: center; font-size: smaller; padding-bottom: 0.7em;">Coordinates: 45°41′10″N 21°54′2″E / 45.68611, 21.90056</th>


<tr class="mergedtoprow"> <th>Country

               <th class="adr">Flag of Romania Romania

</tr><tr class="mergedrow"> <th>County

               <th class="adr">Timiş County

</tr><tr class="mergedrow"> <th>Status <th>Municipality </tr>

<tr class="mergedtoprow"> <td colspan="2">Government </td> </tr> <tr class="mergedrow"> <th> - Mayor <td>Marius Martinescu (Democratic Party)</td> </tr> <tr class="mergedtoprow"> <td colspan="2">Area </td> </tr> <tr class="mergedrow"> <th>  - Total </th> <td>88,05 km² (34 sq mi)</td> </tr></td> </tr>

<tr class="mergedtoprow"> <td colspan="2">Population (2004)</td> </tr> <tr class="mergedrow"> <th> - Total</th> <td>46.189</td> </tr> <tr class="mergedtoprow"> <th>Time zone</th> <td>EET (UTC+2) </tr> <tr class="mergedbottomrow"> <th style="white-space: nowrap;"> - Summer (DST)</th> <td>EEST (UTC+3)</td> </tr>


Lugoj (German: Lugosch, Serbian: Lugoš (Лугош), Hungarian: Lugos, Turkish: Logoş) is a city in Timiş County, Banat, western Romania, situated on both banks of the Timiş River (which divides the city in two quarters, the Romanian on the right and the German on the left bank). It is the seat of the Eparchy of Lugoj in the Romanian Church United with Rome, Greek-Catholic.


Lugoj was once a strongly fortified place and of greater relative importance than at present. In August 1849 it was the last seat of the Hungarian revolutionary government, and the last refuge of Lajos Kossuth and several other leaders of the Revolution prior to their escape to the Ottoman Empire.

In modern times, it was the home town of famous Dracula actor Bela Lugosi. Lugosi's real family name was Blasko; the stagename Lugosi is the adjective form of Lugos, the town's Hungarian name.



According to the 2002 census, Lugoj has the following ethnic breakdown:

Ethnic group Number Percentage
Romanians 36,968 82.9%
Hungarians 4,262 9.6%
Germans 1,279 2.9%
Roma 1,075 2.4%
Ukrainians 705 1.6%
Other 282 0.6%
Total 44,571 100%


Colegiul National Coriolan Brediceanu, Colegiul National Iulia Hasdeu and Grupul Scolar Aurel Vlaicu are the high profile high-schools in Lugoj.

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