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This wiki is sponsored and administered by the PAL-TIN Project (Participarea TINerilor la Administrarea Locala, translated as Youth Participation in Local Government), a large network of youth and children’s local councils throughout Romania. PAL-TIN (acronym commonly shortened to PALTIN) was an initiative of the Bucharest-based MASTER Forum Association (started in 1994) to develop local youth councils in Romania along the lines of the youth council charter adopted by the European Union.[1] The program continues to grow as new youth and child councils are developed, and today consists of more than 90 youth and child councils throughout Romania. More information can be found on its official website:

Anyone can contribute or edit this PAL-TIN Wiki, and we welcome your participation and contribution in our community. You can find articles that you are searching for either using the Categories below or by using the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of your browser.

About us


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