The Romanian National Unity Party (Partidul Unităţii Naţionale a Românilor, PUNR) was a political party in Romania between 1990 and 2006.

PUNR was the first nationalist party in post-Communist Romania, created in 1990.

Gheorghe Funar emerged as its leader. He would soon become mayor of Cluj-Napoca. In that office, he would promote Romanian national symbols, especially the blue, yellow and red flag, throughout the city. However, Funar later joined the other nationalist party, PRM, as General Secretary; this caused a sharp drop in PUNR's popularity, and left it without representation in Parliament from 1996.

Its last leader was former General Mircea Chelaru, who did not possess the charisma that Funar had.

On 12 February 2006, the PUNR was absorbed into the Conservative Party.

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