Slatina (meaning approximately "salty water" in Slavic languages) refers to a number of geographical objects in Europe:

In Albania:

In Bosnia and Herzegovina:

  • a large number of settlements is named "Slatina", e.g. one near Banja Luka (older names: Slatina Varoš, Banja Slatina, Slatina Ilidže, Slatina Hidže)
  • Srednja Slatina, a settlement

In Bulgaria

In Croatia:

In the Czech Republic

In Greece:

In the Republic of Macedonia

  • a settlement at N 41.586, E 21.182
  • a settlement at N 42.138, E 21.8075
  • a settlement at N 42.3169, E 22.316
  • another name of Slatino

In Romania:

In Serbia/Montenegro:

In Slovakia:

In Slovenia:

In Ukraine:

  • Slatina-Doly (Slatina-Selo) , a settlement near Romanian border

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